• Aston Labs

    Unlocking a generation of scalable industrial development with clean energy campuses. The fastest path to clean energy for the global supply chain

    Aston Labs
  • Audiotool

    Cloud based digital audio workstation (DAW) that gives music creators limitless opportunities to create and collaborate in real time with the Audiotool community. 

  • Aug X Labs

    Augie is an AI Video Assistant that transforms text, narration or clips into videos instantly to match your words.

    Aug X Labs
  • Auriga Space

    Pioneering launch solutions utilizing electromagnetic technology for responsive and sustainable space exploration

    Auriga Space
  • Exit

    Chatitive (fka Essential)

    Powering intelligent messaging experiences (SMS)

    Chatitive was acquired by Mailchimp

    Chatitive (fka Essential)
  • Concreit

    Concreit overcomes the investor liquidity challenges facing commercial real estate. Everyday-investors connect with institutional-grade investment opportunities.

  • Continuum Space Systems

    The leader in unified mission management for space operations - the OS for space.

    Continuum Space Systems
  • Crowd Cow

    Platform for buying artisanal meat with others

    Crowd Cow
  • Exit


    On-demand moving help and furniture delivery


    Dolly was acquired by Updater

  • Exit


    Downstream Amazon Marketing Suite empowers brands with the AI, automation, and channel insights to amplify & scale their Amazon marketing investments

    Downstream was acquired by Jungle Scout

  • DressX

    DressX is the largest fashion store of digital-only collections from most well-known brands and 3D designers

  • Dust Labs

    Building software that helps NFT communities bring more value to their holders

    Dust Labs
  • Email Analytics

    Email Analytics allows companies to track and visualize their email use and the metrics that matter

    Email Analytics
  • Enzzo

    Enzzo supercharges your team's hardware development using AI to compress requirements generation, provide intelligent risk mitigation and facilitate seamless collaboration

  • Exit


    The next evolution of positioning technology that is an order improvement over GPS

    Fantasmo was acquired by Tier

  • Field Day

    The first platform and marketplace for local marketing

    Field Day
  • FightCamp

    FightCamp is a home boxing gym with interactive video boxing workouts led by the best trainers that combines movement tracking hardware and software for a tightly integrated out-of-gym, remote fitness experience

  • Exit

    Foundation AI

    AI powered solutions for the insurance and legal industries

    Exited via secondary sale to Jones Capital

    Foundation AI
  • Gen.G Esports

    Gen.G is the leading esports organization connecting the U.S. and Asia

    Gen.G Esports
  • iLife Technologies

    iLife is a life insurance sales automation platform to help insurance producers grow revenue online, provide digital client experiences, expedite sales cycles, and streamline back-office processes

    iLife Technologies
  • Irreverent Labs

    Building hundred year games

    Irreverent Labs
  • Katalyst

    Katalyst is making the world's most efficient workout, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training, available to every body

  • Keepe

    B2B marketplace for home repairs

  • Exit


    Cloud Router to control Live Video

    Make.TV was acquired by LTN Global

  • Mandala Space Ventures

    Building the world's first Start-up Foundry focused on space ventures and the application of space technology

    Mandala Space Ventures
  • Mango Sciences

    Mango Sciences is connecting the health data of millions from underrepresented populations to power global health innovation

    Mango Sciences
  • Outer

    Outdoor furniture direct-to-consumer brand

  • Pathfinder Health

    A developmental pediatrician in your pocket that will diagnose issues sooner, leading to faster care and better outcomes

    Pathfinder Health
  • Pixel Canvas

    Pixel Canvas is a full-suite digital events platform to showcase the best in class and keep us connected

    Pixel Canvas
  • Plunk

    Plunk brings you the power of Big Data technologies to help you evolve your home and optimize your property value

  • Possible Finance

    Mobile first, short-term loans, disrupting the payday loan industry and helping disadvantaged borrowers

    Possible Finance
  • Real Simple Labs

    Redefining customer loyalty by revolutionizing e-commerce payments

    Real Simple Labs
  • Seasalt AI

    World's #1 AI powered Conversation Experience Platform.

    Seasalt AI
  • Sensate

    Sensate, a world-first consumer vagus nerve stimulation product, was designed to provide profound relaxation in as few as 10 minutes - all the benefits for mind and body, without years of training

  • Stackin'

    Financial products and video education to milllenials

  • Tier

    TIER Mobility is Europe's leading shared micro-mobility provider

  • U-Nest

    UNest helps parents build a better future for their kids by democratizing access to simple, cost-effective financial solutions

  • Updater

    Updater is the leading technology platform that powers the relocation industry

  • Violux

    Violux is the creator of the world's first smart ultraviolet light (UV) cleaning technology

  • Vitrina

    Vitrina: Global Platform for Cross-border Video Content Transactions

  • Vobil

    Contactless E-commerce with Conversational AI