Opportunity Arises in Seattle & LA

As long-time west coast based owners, operators, and investors, we’ve both watched and participated in the technology market’s shifts and changes. With the fourth industrial revolution well underway, this change has accelerated more rapidly over the past few years - specifically in Seattle and Los Angeles. These cities have thrived as cloud and mobile operating systems have provided operating leverage and, with a diverse talent pool, have become strong centers for innovation and entrepreneurship.

As entrepreneurs building businesses in Seattle and LA, we knew the struggle of raising seed stage capital outside of the Bay Area. Our colleagues in SF were oblivious of just how many angels and funds were accessible. For us, we had a handful of angel investors and if we weren’t in their network, we were out of luck.

This scarcity of access drove the genesis of Unlock. We have the unique opportunity to be a premier early stage fund to really drive innovation and infuse capital into two high-potential, materially underserved markets.

We Are Driven to Shape These Markets

With our deep networks in the community and a strong sense of purpose, we have the ability to shape and mature these markets for the benefit of entrepreneurs, innovation, and the broader community as a whole.

Join us on this journey and help us unlock the future!